Tour Divide 2016 – How’d it go?

TL;DR I’m back from the Tour Divide, and I lived. I rode for 28 days and 1546 miles. I broke and repaired my rear tire, saddle, and derailleur. I met great people, saw 5 bears, and lost over 20 pounds.  Some pics. And yes, I’d do it again.

 More Details:

On June 10, I started the world’s longest mountain bike race. I had 30 days to complete 2745 miles of dirt roads. Early on in the race I had a catastrophic tire failure (it failed 4 separate times, and I made 6 different repairs) which ended up landing me in last place. With a bit of encouragement from many of you, I on

soldiered on (after getting a new tire). Over the next 4 weeks I rode 1546 miles, and climbed almost 55,000 feet. My derailleur hanger broke in Whitefish, Mt limiting me to 10 gears. A few days later, my saddle broke. But enough talk of breakdowns, suffering and perseveranceJ.  

 I got to see many beautiful parts of the country: Alberta Canada, British Columbia (yes, I’m riding downstream in a river), Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. (Wanna see all the pics? There are alot). The most interesting part of my trip was really meeting many incredibly helpful people – for example These folks invited me to their dinner and a forest service cabin. Most amazingly, about 6 people independently decided to help me find my lost wallet in Ovando and Seely lake. I also learned a lot on my journey – can I handle myself with catastrophic bicycle repair in the wilderness? Yes I can. Am I determined enough to keep going day after day? Yes I am!

 The other people who helped me keep on keeping on were a lot of you! I had a ton of folks cheering me on, along with my family and friends. This was a tremendously help to me. My strongest learning from this whole dealiwick? Gratitude!

 Thank you all for your time and interest – I wouldn’t have finished as much as I did without you. It was a tremendous privilege to ride the Tour Divide, one I’ll remember as long as I live. Thank you for your help!