About me (Or a boy, a bike and a chicken)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dave, and I like to ride bikes. I’m in my mid 40s, I have a fantastic family, and I’m a product manager for the industry leading visual analytics software Tableau. I’ve been riding bikes for the vast majority of  my years. Daily commuting by bike since the 90s. Literally all kinds of bikes. Recumbent bikes (no beard), folding bikes, fixed gear bikes, cargo bikes, electric, you name it. I even have a unicycle.
Drop me a line at Dave.reeck@keeppedaling.us!

I’ve also been fascinated with endurance sports – in highschool I planned on doing the Ironman (back when there was only one), until I found out I walk almost as fast as I run. I eat up books about endurance races (Solo sailing around the world? Read it. Mountaineering – read and watched Touching the Void. Endurance running? Born to run), but frankly I will never be much of a sailor or persistence hunter. Mountaineering is possible (I summited Mt. Rainier in 2014), but it’s not where my passion lies.

Which brings me back to Bikes. I’m not a racer – I don’t ride crits, no training group rides, I don’t own team kit. I’m more interested in the Randoneur point of view: unsupported, long haul timed rides. I’m interested in Paris Brest Paris rides, many of the local rando rides, but if there’s one ride I’d want to do it’d be this one: the Tour Divide2,700 mile unsupported mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico.

In 2014 I managed to get my hands on a Jones diamond frame bike with a truss fork – almost exactly the same bike the incredibly stringent Bicycle Quarterly gave full marks to. In 2015 I rode the the 364 miles of the Oregon Outback in 3 days, which gave me the pluck to give the divide a shot.

About the chicken: I’ve carried Rubber Chickens on all of my Summit attemps, usually as a way of ‘bringing along’ a bit of my supporters. It’s become a staple of my adventures. And so, Chicken it is – I’ll be zip tying my trusty rubber bird to the seat stay of my Divide bike (named Clyde). Many folks online know me as Seabiscuit, so between me and the bird we’re ChickenandBiscuit.


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