When things go south…

A wise man once said “When things go south, address the foundation”. So, today is new socks, undies and jersey day. Not really sure why, but today is definitely a low energy day. I feel like I’ve been out drinking with Clif Renberg, and just want to get back in bed.

But, there’s really not much to do besides ride on, so ride on I will. Today: Wyoming, and with luck the Togwotee lodge.

I took a close look at my scrapes and bruises. More bruises than scrapes, and only one of the scrapes is really noteworthy – not serious but annoying. Fortunately when looking for new socks I discovered my backup gloves – warm gloves for the passes, but they’re better than no gloves (which is what I have for my left paw after losing one on the rail trail yesterday). That’s a real yay. The weather is lovely, so lovely ill need more sun block soon.
The ranch I’m at is a strange mix of beauty and janky. The shower matches anything I’ve seen in Honduras or Guatemala. Still. It’s a lovely spot and I’m happy to have stayed.
One more sip of Foldgers Black Silk and I’m on my way.

P.s. sorry if this sounds like a pity party, it’s not, just trying to be honest.

One thought on “When things go south…”

  1. Totally understood as a normal response to yesterday’s injury. We’ll be at the Togwotee Lodge (in spirit only of course) waiting for you to pull in this evening. Meantime, good riding today.

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