The Lost Wallet

The road from Seely Lake to Ovando is really horrible. Baby head gravel, dusty, generally yuck. But, I did meet a few nice folks driving along, and apparently just after that my wallet ejected itself from my pocket.

I did not discover the ejection until about 10:30 that evening, far too late to do anything but panic cancel. I thought: better to look than wait for a replacement.

The next day, Kathy (angler on let me tag along as she went back to Seely, checking for my lost goods on the way. No luck. When I arrived in Seely I asked at the restaurant I ate at the night before. No luck. I called Marcie to tell her I was going to cancel my cards and she said “Elizabeth Wick has your wallet”.

Elizabeth was in the truck that I said hi to on the road from Seely to Ovando, and her and her husband spotted my wallet and messaged many of my Facebook friends with the news.

This story gets even longer and weirder, but in the end Liz and her husband found me at a rest stop and delivered my wallet intact.

A lot of things have gone wrong on this trip, but they pale in comparison to the thing that have gone right, and the things that have gone right are because of very kind and generous people like Kathy and Elizabeth. I’m not giving enough credit to about a dozen others who were incredibly helpful. Thank you all, it’s really humbling to be on the receiving end of such good luck.

3 thoughts on “The Lost Wallet”

  1. We, too are grateful to people who have shown random acts of kindness, especially to you as you venture on this trip. Grateful to you , Dave for your in kind random acts of kindness to others. Best to you as you move forward.

  2. The best reward you can receive on route is the random most people rarely experience in the big cities. I loved my 2015 tour and all the encounters I had with kind people. Keep on riding and use these acts of kindness as motivation.

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