Rail Trail mishaps

Today’s route is pretty flat, but the map is decieving. The route is an old rail trail, so the grade is easy, but the surface of the trail is a weird combination is bead sized sand and washboard road. The wash board seems to be cased by the ATVs  that use the trail all the time. No big deal for them, but really difficult for cyclists. It’s like a spanking machine!  The sand is also really soft, it sucks your wheel in and sucks the inertia out of your bike. The worst part is crossing between either side of the dual track. The last time I crossed that lost control of the front wheel and wiped out. My gloves were off, and I landed pretty hard on my left hand, knee and side. Seriously disappointed that I could have avoided that crash but didn’t.

So a recovery evening, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

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