I am the luckiest man alive

I suppose it all depends on your perspective, but I gotta say I think my perspective is right.
Here’s a rundown of good luck/bad luck incidents as evidence.

Bad luck:

  • Bike shop broke my derailleur hanger 
  • Tire completely destroyed itself on day 1 and 2
  • Not all of my tire repairs worked as well as I wanted
  • Lost my sewing needle in the woods 
  • Motel in Elkwood was above a music venue
  • New pedals develop annoying squeak after, oh, 200 miles
  • Saddle looses a rivet
  • Saddle rail breaks
  • Saddle sags a lot
  • Left my gloves and knee warmers in a cabin
  • Lost a replacement glove on the rail trail
  • Big tumble on the rail trail
  • Lost my wallet in Sweet Lake
  • Lost my phone at high Country L odge

Good luck

  • Got my wallet back through the amazing kindness of about 10 people
  • Invited to dinner and a cabin bed in Swan Lake
  • Invited to dinner and a luxury cabin stay in Holland Lake
  • Ralph K. Stumbled across me when I was out of options for tire repair and gave me a needle and thread
  • Christian F. gave me.a ride to Elkwood 
  • I arrived at the High Country Lodge without even knowing it.
  • Excellent traveling companions for many days 
  • My family, friends and job supported me in this amazing adventure
  • Eric and Jo found me at a convenience store and took me into their home
  • My trail repairs basically worked
  • Tom gave me his GPS when he scatched so I could continue.
  • I’ve seen many, many amazing things

    By the numbers I may be behind, but I know for sure I’m the luckiest man alive.

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    1. You also have a bunch of colleagues at work stealthily using your blog as inspiration and cheering you on! De-cloaking to shout GO DAVE!!!

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